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With C4 IP™ ACD, calls can be queued and distributed between team members for effective call management. Intelligent routing spreads the workload evenly among agents, boosting employee morale and enabling them to provide better customer service. And real-time call center statistics with robust historical reporting gives your supervisors the information they need to operate efficiently and ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

C4 IP ACD Benefits

  • Flexibility to meet your needs.
    Scalability when you need it. C4 IP ACD features a virtualized ACD that provides a high level of call center visibility and control, and the flexibility that you need in feature bundles, soft client availability and phone choices. With C4 IP AC get—and pay for—only what you need now and have flexibility for future growth.
  • Happier agents provide the best customer experience.
    Inherent virtualization technology allows callers to connect with your company no matter where your agents are located—at the office, their homes or any other location. With this level of flexibility, you can hire the agents based solely on their qualifications and not their proximity to your office. C4 IP ACD offers your supervisors the same level of control and visibility into agent scheduling, performance and customer interactions as a premises-based solution. Just as agents from multiple geographic areas can access real-time virtual queues, managers can schedule, manage queue levels and monitor agents from anywhere, at anytime. Best of all, analysts report that companies who employ remote and at-home agents enjoy reduced costs, an appreciable elevation in employee morale (which contributes to better customer experiences) and an accompanying increase in employee retention rates.
  • Business continuity reduces risk.
    C4 IP ACD ensures business continuity by enabling agents to work from anywhere, just as if they were in the office. Should your company experience a building emergency, inclement weather or just a prolonged power outage, C4 IP ACD keeps your call center up and running and ensures continuity with your service and sales operations. With C4 IP ACD, you also eliminate the costly and time-intensive process of building and maintaining a back-up site from which to take calls and deal with emergency situations.

C4 IP ACD Features

Cypress Communications ACD solution is available in two versions: C4 IP ACD and C4 IP ACD Advanced. Whether your company requires essential call center functionality or more advanced controls, there's a C4 IP ACD solution that's right for you. Each version includes separate seats for agents and supervisors.

  • Robust ACD Queue – With a variety of queue sizes, types, treatments and features, the C4 IP ACD queue is robust and ready to meet your needs. It features defined positions for agents and supervisors and can scale as your business grows.
  • Call Flow Management – Multiple queue options ensure that customer calls are managed according to your business rules and efficiently routed to the appropriate agent. Overflow queues and caller opt-out options ensure a first-rate customer experience.
  • Priority Management – Set priority levels based upon length of time a call holds in the queue or based upon which telephone number a customer dials.
  • Automatic Call Priority Promotion – Calls that exceed user-defined priority thresholds are automatically promoted to the next highest priority level.
  • Custom Music and Message-On-Hold – Choose from standard music and message options or create your own on-hold announcements. Either way, you can keep callers updated and entertained while they wait for an available agent.
  • Supervisor Control – Supervisors retain call management control and agent visibility, even if they are located at a different location from their employees. Supervisors also have access to real-time reports on queue activity and agent status.

C4 IP ACD Advanced Features

With C4 IP ACD Advanced, you get all the features of C4 IP ACD, plus customized reporting, wallboard support and advanced agent features.

  • Advanced Reporting System – Historical reporting provides insight into agent performance and call center metrics, giving supervisors the tools they need to ensure the utmost efficiency. Supervisors can generate predefined reports or create custom reports, all of which can be emailed, printed or exported in popular spreadsheet formats.
  • Wallboard Support – Support for LCD displays with queue information keeps everyone informed of queue status.
  • Advanced Agent Features – Agents gain even more features such as Walk Away Codes and Line of Business Codes, which link into the advanced reporting system.

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