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Avaya IP Office

A system that grows with your business


Avaya IP500

Avaya IP412


For a small office experiencing or expecting growth. Can support up to 32 users (mixture of analog, digital, and IP; maximum of 24 digital phones) with Standard Edition software and easily expandable to 272 users with Professional Edition software. IP Office 500 allows businesses to expand to 8 T1/E1//PRIs and 8 expansion modules — a total capacity of 272 endpoints and 320 trunks. Standard Edition supports Embedded Voicemail for built-in voicemail/auto-attendant (no PC required) while Professional Edition supports all messaging options, including Embedded Voicemail. It provides two 10/100 Mbps switched Ethernet ports.




For small offices with advanced needs. Offers a powerful call processor and greater internal data transfer capabilities. IP Office 412 allows businesses to expand to 4 T1/PRIs and 12 expansion modules — a total capacity of 360 endpoints and 288 trunks. It provides two 10/100 Mbps switched Ethernet ports.


Every Avaya IP Office platform offers you:

Full-featured PBX with optional key system functionality Delivers hundreds of telephony features

Support for wide range of terminals Analog, digital, IP hardphone and IP softphone, wireless (Wi-Fi), and IP DECT

Managing office devices 2 relay ports for door entry systems, heating systems, etc.

Choice of trunk interfaces For T1/PRI (single or dual), BRI, Analog Quad Loop-Start, and Analog Trunk 16 (Ground Start and Loop Start), and SIP

Local area networking Built-in dual-speed LAN ports with integrated firewall

Wide area networking Use digital leased-line services. Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) or Frame Relay. Network Avaya messaging servers

VPN support For secure site-to-site communications or remote access using L2TP or IPSec; up to 10 tunnels supported

Conferencing Built-in conference bridge for 1 or 2 (IP412) 64-party conferences.

Voice over IP Optional Voice Compression Module supports 4, 8, 16, 24 or 30 simultaneous Voice over IP sessions (for up to 60 with IP412 and 128 with IP500). Used for multi- site networking over a WAN or supporting IP telephones and softphones

Proactive monitoring For remote systems via SNMP or SMTP (e-mail). CBC (Compact Business Center) application e-mails daily switch statistics. System Status Application for advanced diagnostics and reporting capabilities

RIP-2 support For dynamic data routing

IP Office at a glance


Contact Center (Basic)
• Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
• Call queue management
• Direct Group Calling (DGC)
• Group call/pick up
• Hunt groups
• Music-on-hold
• Record-a-call
• Data tagging

Contact Center (Advanced)
• Advanced queue management
• Call-back request capability
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with   third-party databases
• Management by exception (alarm on   conditions)
• Maximum number of supervisors: 21
• Maximum number of agents: 75
• Licensed report viewers: 21
• Recording services
• Service Observing (silent monitoring)
• Standard & custom historic reports
• Softphone
• Text-to-speech on IVR
• Real-time screens
• Wallboards
• Crystal Reports format

• Headset support
• E-mail reading
• Outcalling
• Personal Numbering
• Avaya 3810 Wireless Telephone   support (North America only)
• 802.11 (Wi-Fi) IP Wireless handset
• IP Softphone support
• IP DECT support
• Mobile Twinning to mobile/cell phone
• VPN software on remote IP hard phone   (4610/20/21 and 5610/20/21)
• Telecommuter mode on Phone Manager   Pro

• Conference call control via Phone   Manager
• Meet-me (Dial In) Conferencing
• On-demand Conferencing
• Web-based conferencing for employees   and invited participants

• Security enhancement and audit trail
• User rights management (set up   centralized user restrictions for phones   and Phone Manager and/or create   Templates for quick programming)
• Backwards-compatible up to Release   2.1
• Built-in validation and error-checking
• CSV import/export of users, groups,   directory, short codes and licenses
• IP Office alarms via SNMP and e-mail


Unified Messaging
• Integrated Messaging Lite –   Presentation of Voicemail to E-mail
• Integrated Messaging Pro – Synchronization with Microsoft®   Exchange/Outlook
• Message playback (text-to-speech)   via handset, PC or mobile/cellphone
• SMTP support (voicemail e-mail)
• Reply to E-mail Sender
• Fax detection and routing

Call Handling
• Account codes
• Automated Attendant
• Busy lamp fields on DSS
• Call appearances
• Call back when free
• Call forward/hold/pick up
• Call interrupt/intrusion/barge-in
• Call screening/waiting
• Camp on
• Coverage – stations or groups
• Follow me
• Group paging
• Paging over IP phones
• Hands-Free Answer on Intercom   (HFAI)
• Outcalling
• PC-based phone management
• SoftConsole
• Call Recording search and replay
• VoIP telephony
• … and more

Data Functionality
• Bandwidth on demand
• DHCP server
• Built-in wireless capabilities (Small   Office Edition)

• Integral data router – RIP-2
• Integral Firewall
• Internet Access
• LAN-to-LAN routing
• Multi-Link PPP
• Remote Access Server (RAS)
• 802.11 (Wi-Fi) on Small Office Edition
• RIP-2
• T-PAD for credit card information

Telephones Supported**
• 2400, 4400*, 5400 and 6400* series   digital telephones
• 3616, 3620, 3626 IP Wireless     telephones
• 3701, 3711 IP DECT telephones
• 3810 Wireless telephones
• 4600 and 5600 series IP telephones
• Analog telephones
• T3 digital and IP telephones

* 6402, 4400D, 4424LD not supported
** Please check for full list of supported telephones and regional availability.


• E911
• PIN-restricted terminals
• CLI call-back for Remote Access
• Integral Firewall
• Network Address Translation (NAT)
• PAP/CHAP authentication protocols
• Time profiles
• VPN support
• System Management Audit Trail

• Q.Sig Networking over T1 & Q.Sig   Networking over IP to Avaya   Communication Manager
• Uniform Dial Plan
• VoiceMail Pro Networked Messaging
• Integral WAN port (X21/V35)
• Proactive remote monitoring via SNMP
• Frame Relay
• VPN support - IPSec or L2TP
• SIP trunking to low-cost Internet   Telephony Service Providers (ITSP)
   Small Community Network features   such as Busy Lamp Field, Paging,   Desk-to-desk calling,   Calling/connected name and number,   Hold & Transfer, Centralized Voicemail   VoiceMail Pro, Internal Directory,   Absent Text Message,    Anti- Tromboning
  Advanced Small Community Networking   licensing provides Remote Hot-Desking   and Distributed Hunt Groups.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
• Third-party databases
• TAPI WAV and TAPI 3.0 Media Service   Provider for IVR capability
• Text-to-speech
• Voice questionnaire forms for   structured interview (Campaign   Manager)

• Automated Attendant
• Languages for voice messaging   system: 21
• Message waiting light
• Personal numbering
• Text-to-speech
• Voice Recording –   Automatic/On- demand
• VoiceMail Pro Manager GUI
• VoiceMail Pro Client Administration
  via LAN/WAN
• VoiceMail Pro Networked Messaging
• Personal Distribution Lists
• Visual Voice on large display phones
• Cascaded Outcalling


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