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Computer viruses, laptop thefts, equipment failure, and even simple user mistakes threaten your company's mission-critical data.

Developed with Iron Mountain Digital, the undisputed leader in automatic desktop and laptop data protection and reliable data recovery, DataStorePC virtually eliminates the risk of PC data loss by automatically backing up desktop and laptop computers as users go about their usual tasks.

Features & Advantages of DataStorePC

  • Backup.  Rapid and unobtrusive backup of PC data is automatic.
  • Recovery.  Data recovery is typically managed with a few mouse clicks.
  • MyRoam.  Users can easily access backed-up data through a secure Internet connection using any PC with a working web browser.
  • Secure Data Transmission.  The highest levels of digital security are available by encrypting data at the desktop as well as during transmission and storage.
  • Unsurpassed Data Center Security.  Iron Mountain operates secure, mirrored Data Center facilities-with DataStorePC, downtime is not an option.

The NuVox Edge

  • Automatic backup of PC data without disturbing users.
  • Reliable and easy data restoration.
  • No more data loss from viruses, lost or stolen laptops, data corruption, and simple mistakes.
  • Centralizing of an unlimited number of PC backup accounts, controlling deployment, backup timing, file selection, and user access.
  • Control of secure backup and restoration both inside and beyond the company firewall under one, simple plan.
  • Reduced cost and risks associated with compliance, litigation, and disaster recovery by automatically protecting data using one simple plan.

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NuVox Business Apps
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